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Artificial aggregates production line technology

Artificial aggregates production line technology,stone crusher manufacturers

Artificial aggregates production line technology

In recent years, artificial aggregate processing in China has been growing a wide range of applications. Stone production line mainly consists of vibrating feeders, Jaw Crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, washing machines and other equipment. Development of artificial aggregate production technology in China can be divided into three phases: exploratory stage, maturity and wide application of innovative stage.

At that time, the artificial aggregate production and application in China is still in a blank, how artificial aggregate system of sand-process design, equipment selection and measures to improve product quality and reduce production costs, and so on, are to be problems in practice, artificial stone technology research has entered a long exploratory phase, this phase lasted until the late 80. In the meantime, large artificial aggregate system of wujiangdu, manwan and wuqiangxi sand and gravel system.

After near 20 years of exploration, artificial gravel technology although made has must of achievements, but also is not mature, especially system design still exists with many defects, as process design Shang used has single not variable of mode: cycles type broken machine of rough broken in the, and chronology main used cone broken machine; Rod mill machine wet type business sand,, finished material level distribution regulation capacity not strong. Meanwhile, after a period of practice, made many attempts and to solve the many technical problems encountered in the practical, such as granite and quartzite rock SiO2 content is high, such as studies of abnormal wear of the equipment, such as for our larger scale application of artificial sand and gravel laid the technical foundation, and accumulated experience.


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