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Cone Crusher for construction granite stone crusher

Cone Crusher become efficient building granite stone crushing equipment production

Cone Crusher for construction granite stone crusher

Granite, quartz and feldspar-rich coarse or medium-grained intrusive rocks, is the most common crustal plutonic rocks, formed by the cooling of magma deep in the earth's crust. Because can be used for paving stones and building stone, granite mining was once an important industry. Granite can form dikes or sills output, more representative is the size varies greatly irregular rock. The main components are feldspar, plagioclase and alkali feldspar are generally rich, classification basis relative abundance of the two became granite. Granite is a quality building stone gravel is commonly used, which is due granite hard, difficult to be acid or weathering erosion, but also rich in granite resources are widely distributed, China 9% of the land (about 80 million square kilometers) are granite rock, granite widely used in the fields of road, rail, high-grade buildings, housing construction, closely linked to the development and utilization of mineral resources and mining machinery industry.

As the mining machinery industry leader, Shanghai XSM always pay attention to the exploitation of mineral resources, requirements, and application development ore direction and future trends, in order to meet the needs of the mining and processing of mineral resources, Shanghai XSM launched a strong jaw crusher and cone crusher with new high hardness ore crushing, granite processing equipment jaw crusher the most widely used, mainly for iron ore crushing links, to meet different design and production requirements. Meanwhile, in order to achieve higher productivity, the granite used in gravel production often requires the granite crushing or sand, crushed granite to the smallest particle size. Cone crusher can offer a smaller product size, from the overall process, the use of laminated crushing cone crusher is divided into three different design approach, the user can choose according to the situation of high crushing efficiency, uniform particle size, particle shape well, the bowl mill wear uniform and long life of the crushing chamber.

Shanghai XSM In the case of continuous research and development of new technologies will be developed gradually captured a focus on independent manufacturing base technology and basic components, improve R & D and manufacturing standards, Shanghai XSM cone crusher manufacturing scale has entered the ranks of international production, with the the company R & D and production of continuous exploration and innovation, production of fine-grained cone crusher, large output, long life wear parts, high hardness ore crushing applied more widely.


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