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High-quality sand and gravel aggregate production line equipment

High-quality sand and gravel aggregate production line equipment

ravel aggregate production line equipment

Let an account balance, assuming the same set of sand and gravel production line equipment, A manufacturers offer more than 200 million, B manufacturers offer three million, many small and medium stones factory would not hesitate to choose A factory, the reason is very simple, inexpensive ! upfront investment costs are obvious, A factory is far below the B factory.

Let's calculate such an account, saying a sub-price goods, if A factory designed gravel production line configuration caused by the irrational production waste, broken equipment often fails downtime maintenance, or wearing parts with the need for frequent replacement, a year to run down these investments and it is not a small number of lost production, but also spend a lot of manpower and resources, of course, the impact of aggregate price of refined grain shape and so has not been taken into account.

Therefore, the choice of aggregate production line equipment manufacturer or an existing sand and gravel production line capacity transformation, be sure to shop around, choose such as Shanghai XSM Co. gravel production line configuration has extensive experience of the manufacturers, in order to avoid wasting capacity . In addition, high-quality sand and gravel aggregate grain shape decisions stone sales price and sales volume, therefore, the choice of equipment manufacturers, must be to its production line construction site visit.

High-quality sand and gravel aggregate production line equipment can make stones factory, quarry to obtain high profits, such as sand and gravel aggregate production of complete sets of equipment manufacturers in the leader - Shanghai XSM Co. in 2010 for the design and installation of TIANRUI daily production of 8,000 tons of sand production line only four months to recover the investment, highly profitable.

It is reported that since 2010 began to intervene in the cement industry in transition into the sand and gravel aggregate production, Shanghai XSM Ying Yang Shui general contracting company, Guang'an TCC, TCC Anshun, Ying Yang long, Liaoning Jiayi, Baoding Jinyu more than 10 sand stone aggregate production line has been put into operation in the country, Wuxue Yadong, Bucheon Resources, Shaanxi prestige, TCC Guigang, Dangyang Gezhouba and other eight large gravel aggregate production turnkey construction projects in the past two years has made remarkable achievements .


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