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How to build gravel crushing production line?

How to build gravel crushing production line? stone production line supplier in China.

gravel crushing production line

STONE QUARRY construction sand and gravel crushing production line is gradually increasing, especially in 2014, an increase of the construction makes the gradual expansion of aggregate production market, the person predicted that within the next five years, gravel crushing production will remain the largest gains.

It is reported that in 2014 the overall economic situation is more tense, coupled with a shortage of funds is to make banking more business development difficult, then for some stones factory, how to use the least money to build a gravel crushing production line?

Shanghai XSM as the largest sand and gravel crushing production line business on the production line put forward two concepts: conservation and efficient. In Shanghai XSM gravel crushing production line construction case, the daily production of 8,000 tons has become more familiar with the industry project, the project Shanghai XSM strict compliance with the two concepts, reduce production costs, saving environmental control costs, increase productivity, so choose the jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher and other equipment are heavyweight products company, building the entire line of full compliance with the "6Σ" XSM company production line design principles proposed. Especially the financial costs and "6Σ" proposed the concept of low-cost manufacturing operations are included, the cost of quality, scale costs, material costs, power consumption costs, material consumption costs, other costs, such as the contents of the seven cost control almost completely consistent.

The data show that this preliminary estimate gravel crushing production line investment is 15 million, the actual investment of about 12 million yuan. Capacity of 400t / h, according to the market price 30 yuan / ton, about six months can recover the investment, because the stone when stripping costs have been spread inside, about four months to recover the cost.

Visible, Shanghai XSM saving concepts and efficient crushing equipment will maximize customers to reduce costs and reduce investment.


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