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Impact crusher stone production line equipment of choice

Impact crusher stone production line equipment

Impact crusher is referred to as the necessary equipment for stone production line, suitable for crushing various materials such as basalt, limestone, marble, pebbles, so is widely used in cement plants and steel mills limestone crushing hard rock ore crushing, urban infrastructure, engineering, construction and renovation and expansion of high-speed railway engineering projects such as aggregate extraction.

Impact crusher is suitable for soft materials also applies to very large hardness materials, can also be effective treatment of materials containing large amounts of moisture to prevent clogging of the Crusher. Since 2005, the country expressly provides that large construction projects must be used since the impact crushers produce stone, especially in recent years stepped up construction of low-income housing, water conservancy and other infrastructure, aggregate demand. It is reported that the largest of nine Han Nissan 20000 tons of stone production line in the secondary Crusher impact crusher is enough to witness the impact crusher sand, stone's widely.

According to market demand, Shanghai XSM launch equipment for stone production line impact crusher, impact crusher (back break) is my company absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology, combined with the domestic stone industry specific mining conditions and the development of the latest generation of impact crusher. Main advantages is 1. into material mouth big, and broken cavity high, and adapted material hardness high, block degrees big, and products stone powder less; 2. counterattack Board and Board hammer clearance can convenient regulation, effective control out material grain degrees, particles shape good; 3. structure compact, and machine rigid strong, and rotor has big of inertia; 4. high chrome Board hammer, anti-impact, and anti-wear, and impact big; 5. no key connection, overhaul convenient, economic reliable; 6. broken function full, and productivity high, and parts wear small, and integrated benefits high.

Current national policy funds vigorously support the construction and development of transport infrastructure, XSM and the crusher in Shanghai counterparts, seize the development opportunity and strive to get their own development while promoting the development of the national economy as a whole.


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