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Limestone crushing choose the most appropriate kind of stone crusher

Limestone and other stone crushing select the most appropriate kind of stone crusher

Limestone crushing production line

Limestone, granite, river gravel is common quarry stone, so consult limestone crusher production line, how low-cost crushing granite, river pebble gravel machinery, etc. Which is the cheapest most common customer questions, then how to maximize the complete stone crushing and also economic savings it?

Zhang Gong had learned from China's largest stone gravel production line project contractor Shanghai XSM Co. division, a common type of aggregate production line with generally have the following three:

One, two closed-circuit gravel, sand cogeneration process

The sand and gravel production line layout program advantage is relatively simple, suitable for higher silicon content, strong abrasive limestone production, particle shape is good, it is particularly suitable for the cement plant and limestone quarry raw materials more.

Second, the period of a closed gravel, sand cogeneration process

The sand and gravel production line layout program advantage is very simple, small footprint, low investment. Suitable for production sites cramped, the investment budget shortage. (Note: You should use the new stones dedicated counterattack hammer crusher hammer, rather than the usual single-stage cement plant hammer crusher, otherwise the situation is very bad.) Of the sand and gravel production line particle shape drawback is somewhat less.

Three, 6Σ two closed-circuit gravel, sand cogeneration process

At first glance, a program with the program three somewhat similar, it is not. Careful analysis of these two programs in a broken host and screening equipment, finished assignment or differentiated. Option III uses a new type of a broken hammer counterattack hammer crusher is characterized by big crushing ratio, can be a single block of stone weighing several tons of a swallow, greatly reducing the cost of ore pretreatment, and the yield, too crushed, low power consumption, wear light hammer. Department of routine screening and screening equipment powder separation system combines innovative products, both standard powder production according to market demand products, but also to separate the precious powder processing, improve the economic efficiency of the entire production line.

From this perspective, a different scale of production, different materials venues selected gravel production line matching is not the same.


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