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Local conditions to provide users with efficient and stone production line

Local conditions to provide users with efficient and stone production line,stone crusher for sale

stone production line

Shanghai XSM has over ten years of stone production line, sand production line design and installation experience, scientifically sound and efficient design in mining areas of crushing and screening has a good reputation, becomes the customer's investment in first choice!

If you have users who require our company line issued by the design, we will appoint specialized technicians to telephone communication with customers, a detailed understanding of the device model number and configuration space, and all required facilities (living area, Office area, material, facilities, parking areas, and warning areas, maintenance area, laboratories, distribution area and so on). According to the condition we will issue a communication between the site layout, equipment ground, and three dimensional charts, customer confirmation via fax, the signing of the agreement implementation.

The actual installation process, our company will be in accordance with the agreements entered into prior to, dispatched technicians carry a floor plan, equipment base figure, stereoscopic graphics, according to customer address supplied to the construction site. On arrival at the scene together with the customer on-site person in charge according to the floor plan of the contents of the whole arrangement. Full layout is finished, construction projects for other customers arrange construction professionals, sent by the device a fundamental part of our technicians according to the agreement together with the customer for stringing, excavation, filling, positioning (technical drawing where the center line and a vertical line), and acceptance criteria according to the drawing requirements for acceptance.

Shanghai XSM company produces a full set of stone production line equipment, the stone production line includes feeders, Jaw Crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, vertical shaft impact crusher and other major equipment components, combined with belt conveyor can complete the stone line. Shanghai XSM production to customer demand, according to the customer's actual production is equipped with the most reasonable production equipment, according to local conditions, Design Science product line, allows customers to rest assured of stone production.

Stone production line after the design is complete, functioning, and large stones are generally from the vibration feeder evenly to Jaw Crusher for rough, rough material by belt conveyor after further broken into the inversed impact crusher, fine after the item was delivered to a vibrating screen for screening, after which meet the requirements of the material were sent by conveyor belt. Broken materials did not meet the requirements of the finished product shall be returned after return from the screen, repeat the steps above for further processing, loop multiple times. Discharging granularity of finished products can be modulated according to the customer's actual requirements, production can also be equipped with dust removal equipment.


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