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Mobile crushing station instead of stone production line investment

Mobile crushing station instead of stone production line investment,mobile crusher for sale

Mobile crushing station

Recently has been has customer advisory mobile broken station configuration of problem, customer investment set stone production equipment line less is hundreds of thousands of more is is millions of, again plus installation and demolition, cost, more not small digital, as can set configuration success of stone production equipment line can help customer fast recovered cost, a article configuration failed of stone production equipment line is will makes customer increased investment cost even bankruptcy. As a producer should put the interests of its clients in the first place, offered to customers to explain and configured to suit the customer's own conditions of production lines.

From the perspective of customer investments, mobile crushing plant combination is more in line with customers ' wishes, XSM machinery equipment co, Shanghai launched 20 mobile crushing plant in the combination of models designed to maximize meet different customer needs. The mobile Crusher can be seen as a simple stone production line, is widely used in railways, roads, buildings, water, metallurgy and other industries. Mobile crushing plant processing raw materials according to the kind, size and material requirements of the finished products are different, especially in breaking site is small, which is more suitable for construction waste disposal, construction of garbage Crusher mobile crushing plant with coarsely minced, chopped finely, stand in the customer's shoes, broken ground, remove environmental barriers to bring customers the shredder as the primary solution. Real project operations to provide customers with efficient and low cost hardware, can greatly expand the concept of crushing operations. Equipped with high performance broken machine: PE jaw type broken machine, PF counterattack type broken machine or Cone broken machine three species, and broken machine integration of to material machine and shaker, sieve Xia belt machine, and vibration sieve, and broken machine integration of car installation, steering traction axis, easy highway transport and the site in-depth, car installation support, equipment site stationed shortcut convenience, car type electric machine and the control box integration.

Shanghai XSM machine mobile Crusher combination devices are based on the aggregate processing of the main flow, through design, implementation of various integrated combination of crushing and screening equipment, through the automotive system or tracked drive system to achieve integrated mobile functions of the job, you the flexibility of the construction site, and the material is processed in a timely manner, greatly reduce the cost of transport of materials processing, improving production efficiency.

Under normal circumstances, mobile crushing plant equipment and a full set of stone production line includes vibratory feeders, Jaw Crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyors, centralized electronic control devices, such as; for different customer needs, but also can be equipped with a cone-type crusher and dust removal equipment. For many Han or quarries, to configure a set of production equipment, and how to configure it?

XSM machinery equipment co in view of many years of successful experience of Shanghai, at different customer sites and a deep understanding of customer needs, gives the following advice: first look at you kind and hardness of the stone, is a granite or limestone or granite. In General, Mohs hardness of 7 is considered a great rock. Granite, limestone, hardness and brittle, broken equipment, does not require high iron crusher, hammer or hammer for high manganese steel, this device has a Jaw Crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher and so on. If it is a stone, such as granite, basalt, you must use high-iron, due to high iron material Crusher with flexibility, wear-resisting high manganese steel is much higher degree, this human time, save money, this device has a cone crusher, impact crusher, and so on.

Second look at yield, yield less than 100 tons when a small mobile crushing plant. General configuration: 3895 feeder +57 +1010 Jaw Crusher impact crusher 1548 or +1848 vibrating screen, screen layer based on discharge requirements. Higher yield relatively hard stone, then you can consider the use of cone crusher and inversed impact crusher used together to achieve production. Of course this is only a reference, according to the terrain or mines require flexible configuration. According to the customer's production situation, such as the need to introduce new products to customers, and disadvantages explained to the customer and, ultimately, refer to the views of customers.


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