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Pebble crushing production line configuration tips

Pebble crushing production line configuration tips

Pebble crushing production line configuration

As we all know, infrastructure construction, industrial construction and so inseparable from the high-quality sand and gravel aggregate, pebble is a common raw materials. Cobblestone extremely hard, wear and tear on the crusher equipment is very serious, crushing costs dramatically increased. This became pebble gravel pits of a major problem. So, currently on the market, the kind of pebble gravel unit production line process more economical, efficient and cost-effective it XSM Ltd. Shanghai gravel business project department has many years of pebbles sand making equipment design and production experience for our customers to do the following suggestions?:

First, the best use of the principle of pressure crusher crusher equipment

For high hardness pebbles, using the principle of pressure crusher crusher equipment is most suitable, can greatly reduce the wear life of wear parts and the whole, the general principles of lamination crushing equipment include: jaw crusher, fine jaw crusher machine, cone crusher, and finally able to get through the sand meets the size requirements of gravel aggregate. Conversely, if the crusher, impact crusher will inevitably lead to the loss of plate hammer high, life expectancy is shorter board hammer, high anti-feed ratio and other issues, these manufacturers and customers deserve attention.

Second, the use of cone crusher crushing pebbles as two broken equipment can improve the long-term benefits

For this more difficult as river gravel crushed stone materials, the best crushing equipment configuration process is: first with the primary crusher Jaw Crusher, cone crusher and then enter for secondary crushing, so out of granularity in 40-50MM, then enter sand (generally choose impact crusher) third stage crushing, so the stone is produced sand or gravel products 0-5MM the product, and if there does not meet the requirements of grain type of stone, the last of these stone by closed loop system into sand sand again.

Cone Crusher although higher relative to other laminated crusher investment costs, but for long-term operation of stones factory, cone crusher in the long run will be more stable performance and better crushing effect of reducing overall production costs. Shanghai XSM Simons cone crusher is the advantage of learning from the traditional spring cone crusher, excellent performance advantage to win market favorite. Crushing chamber divided into standard, medium, short head type three, based on the expected size requirements stones to choose a different type of chamber.

Third, if the investment budget is small, fine jaw crusher can be used as a secondary crushing equipment, the same effect can be achieved expected

Fine jaw crusher cone crusher relative low investment cost, the device can replace a pebble crusher cone crusher production line secondary crushing equipment. But it should be noted that should choose big brands, big manufacturers, to avoid late because of the quality of equipment problems causing unnecessary economic losses and a series of troubles.

Fourth, we must use high abrasion spare parts, otherwise more harm than good

For a pebble hard, high wear resistant spare parts requirements, such as jaw, dental plate, rolling acetabular wall, etc. If these wear parts life is too short, it will cause too frequent replacement, reduce whole life, increase maintenance equipment maintenance time, reduce benefits and other issues. Shanghai XSM independent research and development and production of a number of new composite materials jaw plate by casting, dental plate, cone crusher rolling acetabular wall and other accessories, greatly improved wear parts technology content, win, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other parts of the gravel plant sought after.


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