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River gravel sand production line investment program

River gravel sand production line investment program,sand making machine for sale,sand crusher manufacturers in China.

River gravel sand production line investment program

For small and medium sized stones factory, quarry, one economy river gravel sand production line stone crushing equipment investment program must have the following characteristics: at least the most cost-effective investment in equipment cost, highest quality sand and gravel aggregate best selling product, Configuring a stand-alone capacity most suitable stone crushing equipment.

To this end, our country's first line of sand production line demonstration founders - Shanghai XSM Ltd. Project Department expert gravel stone crushing equipment gives the following configuration:

1, Impact Sand Maker

Impact Sand is sand with plastic and dual function of the device, in terms of material sand river gravel, granite has a significant effect, especially with the cone crusher after the break as a secondary cone crusher equipment after the materials for plastic sand, gravel aggregate produced not only good particle shape, particle size with the management, and the price than other devices produced higher aggregate 2-3 million.

2, cone crusher

Because of river pebbles are rigid materials, difficult broken, if the mechanism of impact crusher equipment - hammer crusher or impact crusher, wear parts wear serious and productivity is not high, therefore, cone crusher is the most appropriate, is the most economical option, especially energy-using cone break in the river gravel sand production line effect is remarkable.

3, double screening feeder

ZSW double screening feeder set screening material selection and transmission feeding function and integration, more than a single screening feeder superiority, it can screen out directly to the soil, can reduce the process in addition to the soil sieve this link for customers to save the project cost, which is the feeder river gravel sand production line equipment configuration relatively cost-effective choice.

Of course, due to sand the venue, production capacity, material properties and other characteristics, the choice of river gravel sand production line stone crushing equipment investment program, it is recommended to select a certain strength of the manufacturers, so the device configuration caused by poor stone crushing equipment can not adequately play and other waste.


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