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Sand and gravel crushing production line is probably what price

China's most advanced sand and gravel crushing production line is probably what price

Sand and gravel crushing production line

Aggregates quarry crushing production line is the most fiery stones plant construction project, according to the data, the demand for sand and gravel aggregate crushing equipment on the market continued to rise, mainly gravel with cement production and construction of transformation two factors related to aggregate demand, then the construction of a sand and gravel crushing production line is probably what price?

According to Shanghai XSM relevant person in charge, a sand and gravel crushing production line on the market price of different sizes, mainly with the increase of the crushing equipment selection and configuration of the production line has a lot of great relationships, such as the traditional sand and gravel crushing production line mainly E crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher and other equipment, which is more commonly used with the type and maturity, but the high cost price, and some even use two crusher, high energy consumption, is not suitable fine, intensive production requirements.

To this end, as the first carried sand and gravel crushing production line construction companies, duty-bound to assume the responsibilities of improved production line equipment, through last year's research and continuous research, has finally launched the SP series of large single stage jaw crusher + R series Sand German original novel matching, matching the major advantage is the large single stage jaw crusher to break the traditional jaw crusher can break the coarse material of history, a crusher to complete six crushed stone feature separate devices, so efficiency is extremely significant gravel;

Coupled with the introduction of the R Series Shanghai XSM German original Sand, high efficiency sand, sand and other domestic Sand pass rate unparalleled advantage is to let such a matching gold become recognized within the industry partner.

It is reported that the introduction of Shanghai Shandong, a gravel stones factory production process XSMSP220 + R1200, which is super jaw broken SP2200 crushing ratio, the material is small, sand rate of 30%, that is about 60t, R1200 feed they can reach 80-100mm , sand efficiency is very high, the output can at least reach 100t / h, the actual production of the entire line can reach 160t / h or more, completely beyond 150t / h production of customer requirements, and complete equipment investment cost is not more than 1.6 million, save customers a lot of money.


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