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Stone production line equipment is necessary concrete aggregate

Stone production line equipment is necessary concrete aggregate

Stone production line equipment

Recently China's high-speed railway began to build, which means that the rapid development of our economy, has become a global powerhouse. High-speed rail is inseparable from the sand, but with the constant river sand, river sand can no longer carry out sand mining, now available in the hottest material is sand river gravel, river gravel with sand, on the one hand to clean up the river On the one hand re-use of resources than the rocks, river sand is much better.

With the rapid economic development, increasing demand for machinery market, starting from the market demand, manufacturing sand making more and more enterprises, resulting in more intense competition. Recent years, the domestic high-speed rail transport infrastructure construction, highways, etc. Engineering Development fiery such as tea, at the same time, the quality of concrete aggregate requirements are also rising, and high-quality sand making equipment is necessary to obtain high-quality concrete aggregate equipment, stone production line is widely used in the market the primary device an artificial sand production in the market has a wide range of applications, is the first major manufacturers as an artificial sand production equipment, the market has a wide range of applications, as people continue to increase demands artificial sand, sand production lines are constantly innovate on their own, so that the market can better artificial sand production. Sand has a third generation: the particle size is small, grain-type uniform, large capacity, long life hammer, supporting small power, tertiary crusher for secondary crushing change, process simplification, simple structure, easy maintenance, smooth operation and so on. Equipment investment is lower than the same size conventional technology and equipment 35% -50% higher than the same size output efficiency of traditional technique and equipment 35% -50% (with limestone as an example: a product size ≤3-5mm accounted for more than 85%). Long-running maintenance costs lower than the same size of the traditional technology and equipment 35% -50%, widely used in sand production line, cement, refractories, metallurgy and other industries. Technological Innovation sand making production line to protect the environment, waste of resources, in order to reduce waste pollution of the environment and resources should be saving technology focus on the development of devices in the future, environmental protection, high efficiency, construction waste recycling now use such as the direction of development, developed a new type of stone production line must have a number of features that in more application areas. National key projects of highways, railways, and both are rigorous review and testing of its construction sand and gravel aggregates used to ensure that its grain shape, graded to meet the requirements, can have a good compression and anti-corrosion sex.

Now the stone production line has become one of the most important fine crusher processing equipment, based on the construction of new urban development has important significance, Shanghai XSM play their own advantages, combined with advanced production technology, offering a variety of different types of sand equipment, comply with the low-power, high-yield and other design principles to improve the crushing market areas, become an important mining crushing equipment. Demand for sand and gravel is also growing, although naturally mined to meet the production needs a short time, but such a serious ecological damage to our environment, so the natural sand and gravel has not full set of social needs, I will sand production line came into being, to solve this problem.


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