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Stone production line in sand washing machine how much money one?

Stone production line in sand washing machine how much money one?,sand washing machine supplier

Stone production line in sand washing machine

Along with Xinjiang's water conservancy facilities, Metro, bridges and other building projects, sand, gravel and other construction of production line of a peak, as there are popular in the market of stone production line equipment, as the key equipment in sand making production line – washing machine prices has become a topic of customer focus.

From Shanghai, China's largest producer of crushed stone production line equipment peak Engineering Limited was informed that from October to now, inquiries per month is the biggest stone production equipment, in particular washing machine has become a river gravel sand making production line, such as in the production of the focus. In this "only buy, the purchase expensive" stage of practical development, what kind of washing machine cheap and efficient?

Shanghai XSM sand configuration introduction, washing machine on the market actually is nothing more than two ways: spiral washing machine and bucket-style washing machine. It is understood that the spiral washing machine wash rate is high, but high turnover, so in order to reduce the cost and increase production, XSM in Shanghai are in a large gravel sand production line adopt spiral washing machine and bucket wheel type washing machine complementary patterns, wash rate thereby guaranteeing at the same time avoiding the wastage rate occurs.

Washed sand is sand production is an important device, selecting a cost-effective washing machine plays a nameless sand production will be affected, thus directly ensure the clean gravel in the construction of continuous support.


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