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XSM machinery teach you how to choose a professional stone production line solutions

XSM machinery teach you how to choose a professional stone production line solutions

stone production line solutions

XSM machinery and equipment was established in Shanghai in 1998, mine mechanical crusher, sand maker, mobile crushing plant and construction waste processing equipment, as well as Shaker, feeder, sand washing machine and ancillary equipment such as conveyor, supplemented by the integrity of the product chain, is a major sand and gravel crushing and screening and building waste processing equipment production and export base. "XSM" brand has a high profile in the industry.

Stone production line in promoting economic restructuring and transformation of economic development mode has played an increasingly important role. Shanghai XSM machinery equipment co production of stone production line equipment to be used for hard limestone, granite, basalt, River pebbles, smelting slag aggregate and man-made of various materials such as sand, suitable for utilities, building material, highway, city construction and other industry applications. Shanghai XSM mechanical stone production line according to different technical requirements, combinations of various types of equipment for science, to meet customers ' different requirements.

Shanghai XSM machinery equipment co is stone production line of Chinese national expressways, high-speed rail and other major projects, sand production line equipment, XSM, Shanghai has always adhere to customer-oriented, technology innovation as the engine of development concept, continue to go forward in the market testing, all in order to meet the needs of target customers, and strive for the users to create the most suitable equipment. Suitable for different stone production technology, XSM, Shanghai machinery equipment co based on years of practical experience, summed up the following three scenarios and detailed analysis of the production process:

Option one: vibrating feeder + Jaw Crusher + impact crusher + vibrating screen + transportation + system + control system

Scenario two: vibrating feeder + Jaw Crusher + +fine Jaw Crusher + impact crusher (optional) + transport system control system

Scenario three: vibrating feeder + Jaw Crusher + cone Crusher + impact crusher (optional) + transport system control system

The above scenario, the main difference is the second broken is mainly used to combat the fragmentation of inversed impact crusher, or as laminated thin, broken-Jaw Crusher, cone Crusher.

In a lot of stone, Quarry, grain demand is not high, users prefer to use fine Jaw Crusher, Jaw Crusher and cone Crusher matched to form a production line. Broken jaw and cone crushers are laminated principle, wear of wear parts is relatively small, production costs are lower. However, also due to lamination principle can lead to broken stone tablets-not so good, flaky rock than high, more serious cracks within the stone, are not willing to accept high grade building, so the market price cheaper than counter the stone.

Inversed impact crusher biggest features is the ability to produce grain-quality stone, have broken with the dual properties of integer; grain type of stone can add better mechanical performance of buildings, in the market for a higher price, of course, counter break wear wearing parts cost than an equivalent yield of light broken jaw and cone crusher is high. Flaky stone and smooth stone in the construction of the original nature is difficult to achieve using the polyhedral cubic stone that can be formed by mechanical properties. Therefore, the counterattack breaking is mainly used for building stone crushing, for roads, railways, airports, docks, tall buildings to provide quality type of stone.

If the market has certain requirements for type of finished stone, the user also wants to reduce the cost of consumable tons could be considered coarse-fine broken jaw/cone Crusher broken jaw + as a head with two break, placed on the third line of impact hammer Crusher crushing position, main purpose to an integral type. This not only reduces the cost of back breaking and wear, you can also get grain type of stone.

Shanghai XSM mechanical equipment limited production and supply various type of gravel screening equipment, including rough broken jaw broken, and chronology jaw broken, and hydraulic e broken, and vertical impact type broken machine, and counterattack type broken machine, and hydraulic counterattack type broken machine, and Simmons cone type broken machine, and hydraulic cone broken machine, and VI centrifugal type new business sand machine, and VI impact type new business sand machine, and VI high grade stone plastic machine, and vibration sieve, and vibration to material machine, and belt conveying machine, equipment. Which has structure advanced, reliable, good quality, easy to use and so on. Welcome by users at home and abroad!


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