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Reading and writing a lot of material is expected for all students in academia. It has been so for the last 200 years (since the production of abundant and cheap paper) and it holds true to this day. And these are not some free thoughts on a subject akin to a fiction writing. Any essay paper requires extra work to be done:
  • Have a credible reference literature list
  • Sticking with a prescribed essay structure
  • Proofread it to eliminate errors
  • Making sure the work is unique and would not be considered plagiarism
Which all are time-consuming! And should you fail to submit the work before the deadline, all this effort goes to waste too! Thus a student is expected to plan his or her time in such a delicate way to manage all subject info input and output and get those essays done in a steady manner before the set deadlines. Why urgent essay writing service exist? So why do you need an urgent essay writing service like Writemyessaytoday? Let us be open about this: sh*t happens. One’s academic life is no exception. And it’s not always student’s negligence (as the academic system often assumes). There are many perfectly valid reasons for missing essay deadline. For whatever reason - let us assume that your essay has just turned into an urgent essay. You now have days (or even hours) to get it done or face consequences. Fast essay writing is possible and there are students out there who are capable of mobilizing for it. Their command of the subject, ability to focus and time constraints allow them to quickly come up with a good enough paper in the scraps of time left. Heck, there are even some techniques that are advised to try and pull it off. However, an average person would feel totally screwed at this point. And this is where urgent essay writing services come to play. These are professional writing services, where many (sometimes thousands) of knowledgeable writers are offering their hand to those in need. Like many services, a fast essay writing service has its specialization too: ranging from multiple-choice answering to doctorate paper writing. And if you assume that it’s just “secondary” academic institutions that address this kind of help… you are quite wrong. Students from top-ranking academic institutions are in fact under far more pressure to produce high-quality papers than their counterparts. And if that is not enough some of these highly-competitive institutions employ additional means of encouraging students to write high-quality essays. For example, awarding high marks only to a set top-quality % of all essays submitted. This puts a lot of pressure on all the students and even more so for foreign students now have to cope with both the subject and non-native English language. But let us return back to topic. What we need to know is how to find a reliable fast essay writing. So how can you tell a service is good enough for such a task?
  • First of all, look for fast essay writing services whose website specifically says they do urgent essay writing! This type of work requires especially knowledgeable authors who are committed to their job 24/7. A service that specifically states their price for 48, 24, 12, 6 (or 3 even!) hour essay deadlines are far more likely to give you what you need. Furthermore, spend 5 extra minutes to make sure that your essay’s subject is listed on their website.
  • Remember that line about wasted work if you miss the deadline? Now, you wouldn't want that if you are paying your own money for it now would you? Hence the second most important factor is a refund policy. If a service is ready to give you money back if THEY fail deadline YOU set them - this is a good sign of a dependant! This goes in hand with a service using a well-known and trusted payment system (like PayPal).
  • Customer support 24/7. Whilst sound customer support is expected from any good service - it’s rarely as important for a customer of a fast essay writing service. And a good essay service is well aware of this natural worry and is ready to keep in touch with you 24/7 and provide you with info on work’s progress. Furthermore, the good services who are confident in their business and their hired authors will happily allow their customers' amendments and communication with their designated authors while working in progress.
  • Lastly, look for feedback from other customers. This may take up another 5 minutes to Google up something like “is essay writing service X reliable?” or drop the X web address to a site like and see what people say about it.
So there you go. Now, of course, essays done by yourself leave you with a long-lasting knowledge and feel of completion. But don’t feel too bad if you can’t make it on time. After all, only 50% of people (at least in the UK) end up working anywhere near their higher education degree.

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